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We began working with Acceptance Ahead late in the college application process. Nancy and Beth were extremely accommodating and literally jumped through hoops again and again to advise our daughter on school choices, on strategy, and by critiquing every essay, paragraph by paragraph. Their comments were always spot on, and they often responded late into the evening taking a personal interest every step of the way. My wife and I both feel that Nancy and Beth treated our daughter exactly as if she were their daughter, and when she was accepted early decision at Wesleyan, they celebrated as we did. These two are truly experts at what they do — exceptionally capable and a tremendous resource for parents and students in navigating the complex process of college preparation, selection and application. They are winners.”

—Parents, Westchester County, NY, Wesleyan University student, Class of 2019

Working with Acceptance Ahead was one of the best decisions we ever made! Our son began working with Nancy and Beth during his sophomore year and he felt comfortable with them from the moment he started. The two of them made our son feel confident and more secure, and they made him laugh throughout the process. Their thoughtful reminders, appropriate suggestions and excellent editing skills enabled us to simply support our son without constantly “nudging” him. Working with Acceptance Ahead early in the high school process was instrumental because they were able to get to really understand our child and help him hone in on his passions and talents. Nancy and Beth encouraged our son to focus on his unique interests and they helped him discover ways to apply his skills toward summer internships, and eventually, toward specific majors in college. Our son particularly appreciated their expertise in mock interview training and their guidance in selecting high school courses. We were so appreciative that Nancy and Beth were so incredibly responsive, and whenever things got stressful, they really alleviated the anxiety for all of us! Our son ended up being accepted Early Decision at a specialized program at his dream school and he (and we) couldn’t be happier! Regardless of the outcome, we knew we had amazing experts on our team, and that our son would end up in the right place. We highly recommend Acceptance Ahead and can’t wait to work with them again with our younger daughters!”

—Parents, Westchester County, NY, Cornell University student, Class of 2019

With the guidance of Nancy and Beth, I knew exactly what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. They made the college process much less stressful for me and my family! After many drafts, they helped me write an excellent Common App essay that captured the “real” me. They would answer any of my questions within hours, and they sent me back my drafts very quickly. Their advice made me feel confident and they helped me keep track of everything. The result was very positive, with me getting into my Early Decision school. I owe that success to Nancy and Beth, and for them and their help, I am truly grateful.”

—Senior, Westchester County, NY, Duke University, Class of 2019

Because English is not my first language and I was not educated in the US, I relied on Nancy and Beth to guide my son through the entire college process. I found both of them to be very professional, experienced, smart and nice. They helped my son with everything including developing his college list, choosing his senior year courses, and creating topics for the Common App essays along with supplemental essays. My family relocated overseas the summer before my son’s senior year, and they communicated over Skype and worked step by step with my son to help him finish his essay before school started. They work very efficiently and they respond to emails usually within 1-2 hours! Most importantly, they treated my son as if he were their own child, and they always answered every question that we had about college. They are very experienced and gave excellent advice for my son. No doubt, without their help, we could not have gotten such wonderful results, and we are very happy. Acceptance Ahead was the best choice we made for this process!”

—Parent, Saudi Arabia, NYU student, Class of 2019

We met Beth and Nancy at the end of our son’s sophomore year and were immediately impressed by their knowledge, warmth and commitment. They gave our son excellent advice about his courses, summer activities and even ways to speak to his teachers. They were there for him every step of the way and also helped me calm my own anxieties! As we navigated the process of visiting schools, interviewing, and writing essays, Nancy and Beth proved to be my son’s greatest advocate. Their writing skills are remarkable, and they helped my son create an inspirational Common App essay. They challenged him but always encouraged him, and each of his supplemental essays also turned out outstanding. Their greatest asset was their ability to be strategic about every school. My son was accepted Early Decision to his dream school, and I believe this would not have happened without Beth and Nancy’s help. As a parent, I am so grateful for their belief in my son and for their talents. As a child psychologist who sees adolescents in the throngs of this stressful process, I commend them on their ability to help students (and parents!) focus on the heart of who they are and what they have to offer. I recommend them without hesitation!”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Duke University student, Class of 2019

Beth and and Nancy are truly fabulous. They really understand how to position, prep and guide high school students efficiently through the test prep, college selection and application process. They know how to connect and communicate with students, and perhaps most importantly, serve as an independent voice of reason.”

—Parent, New York City, NY, Bowdoin College student, Class of 2019

I am the oldest of four kids in my family and the first to apply to college. I had absolutely no clue about what to do. Acceptance Ahead not only laid out the whole process for me, but also helped me to stay organized and focused throughout. Looking back, there is no way I could have been as successful without the guidance that Beth and Nancy provided. It was great to have their objective opinion—if an essay didn’t work or if a college was not the right fit for me, Beth and Nancy were able to “give it to me straight.” Most importantly, Acceptance Ahead is not just a mechanical organization that cares only about results; Beth and Nancy have a genuine personal interest in their students that goes beyond mere business, and this is something I appreciated the whole way through.”

—Senior, Westchester County, NY, Northwestern University, Class of 2019

In the beginning of 12th grade, I became very anxious about applying to college. It was extremely overwhelming. There was so much to keep track of and the combination of my parents’ and my own stress didn’t help in any way. After my first meeting with Beth and Nancy, I knew they were serious and passionate about helping students plow through the strenuous process of applying to college. We got to work the very next day. They both made sure I stuck to a strict schedule so I wouldn’t fall behind, and were always very responsive whenever I needed technical help with my essays, or even when I needed a simple confidence boost. Now, I am a second semester senior and I’ve been accepted to a host of different schools that I am genuinely interested in, including a couple schools I didn’t feel too confident about being accepted to in the beginning of the year. Looking back, all I can think about is how much of a difference Acceptance Ahead has made in terms of easing my worries and helping me produce the best applications I could have asked for.”

—Senior, Westchester County, NY, New York University, Class of 2018

Beth and Nancy partnered with my son and our family in such a genuinely caring and empathetic way that my stress level went WAY down. I loved their respectfulness and their warmth when they talked to my son, who opened up to them in a way that he doesn’t often do with adults outside the family. After weeks of working on his personal essay, my son hit a rough spot and had to refocus his topic. Beth and Nancy eased him over the bump and helped him figure out what he really wanted to say and how to present himself in his applications. We had a fabulous outcome, with an acceptance at my son’s early-decision school. While I admit that there was tension in our house last fall, I will say that Beth and Nancy provided support, comfort, feedback, and sage advice that kept us all sane throughout. When it’s time for my younger child to apply to college, I wouldn’t consider going through this crazy process without them!”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, University of Pennsylvania student, Class of 2018

Over the last year and a half, my daughter and I have had the pleasure to work with Beth and Nancy. They made the venture understandable, human and successful. My daughter attends a boarding school in England, and I live in Belgium. They assisted with the university selection process, established a productive step-by-step work plan, recommended efficient testing preparation, and enabled my daughter to clarify her preferences and select her area of study. Their advice on the essays was insightful and profound, their responses were swift, their backing was enthusiastic and their encouragement was heartwarming. When my daughter got her acceptance letter, not only did they congratulate her warmly, they offered further precious recommendations and connections. My daughter got accepted to a school that is truly THE perfect fit! We will always remain grateful for their exceptional coaching. My son, who is two years younger, has also chosen to work with Beth and Nancy. We could not have wished for better counselors!”

—Parent, Brussels, Belgium, Cornell University student, Class of 2020

The college admissions process was, at first, incredibly daunting. My parents and I didn’t know where to begin or which piece of the process to tackle first! Thankfully, Nancy and Beth eased our stress, breaking the process into small, do-able (and personalized!) steps. Had it not been for this expert duo, I would not have discovered my “early decision” school…to which I’ve been admitted! Thanks for your careful guidance; I am truly grateful!”

—Student, Westchester County, NY, Middlebury College, Class of 2018

Nancy and Beth did more than advise me; they guided me through the stressful college application process and motivated me to persevere. They were extremely reassuring and supportive every step of the way. Nancy and Beth inspired me to write an essay I was truly passionate about and helped me execute that essay in the best way I could. Nancy and Beth have so much wisdom to share about the college process and have so many educational tools to offer their students. Acceptance Ahead is truly an incredible team and I thank them so much for their remarkable help and their fast communication with me throughout the process. Thanks, Nancy and Beth!”

—Student, Westchester County, NY, Northwestern University, Class of 2017

We can’t think of a more fitting name for such an admirable and supportive business enterprise. But even that word, business, is unsuitable, since Beth Gelles and Nancy Stuzin, the organization’s co-founders, offer a valuable service to the high school student (and his/her family) who aspires for the best university education possible. Beth and Nancy have been incredibly wise and responsive throughout our son’s college search, taking much of the anxiety out of the daunting process, and lending an ear and shoulder if and when needed. They helped our son narrow his list of college choices, and assisted in his decision whether and where to seek Early Decision-an option he ultimately pursued. They also helped our son select and expound on an essay topic that he probably would have overlooked, since it was out of his ordinary experiences, but in the end made for a very compelling read. We realize this is a fairly new enterprise for Beth and Nancy, but their experience is apparent. We recommend Acceptance Ahead without reservation! With Beth and Nancy’s stellar help, our son gained admission to his Early Decision school!”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Northwestern University student, Class of 2017

Nancy and Beth are a fabulous team. I loved that they started by getting to know us as a family and as individuals. They were very focused on understanding my daughter’s goals, objectives and dreams. They educated us on the process and enabled us to develop a strategy that would distinguish her on her applications. They helped my daughter think through her list of schools, ensuring a balance across the reach, target and likely acceptance options. Nancy and Beth kept us organized and focused on milestones such as the personal statement topic, drafting the essay, compiling teacher references and standardized test scores. They were always at the other end of an email string or phone call, ready to provide advice, constructive critique or emotional support. Nancy and Beth were a constant sounding board. Their greatest contribution was their belief in my daughter, continually reminding her how much she had to offer a campus and how thrilled they were to be on her team. They were completely vested in the outcome on an emotional level, continually encouraging her when the pressure gave way to anxiety as she awaited responses. Nancy and Beth proved to be an invaluable resource for me as well. They kept me strong for my daughter, allowed our relationship to remain unscathed by the pressure of the process and helped my daughter realize her dream.”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Emory University student, Class of 2017

Acceptance Ahead is beyond awesome. I honestly don’t know how we could have done the college admissions process without them. I cannot believe how much time they spent with our family, helping my son every step of the way with his college applications and scholarships. Whether it was to answer a quick question or go through the college essay line by line, they were always available and made us feel as if we were their only client. Not only did Beth and Nancy help my son get accepted into the college of his dreams, but they also showed compassion, genuine understanding and sensitivity toward our family’s challenging situation of having another child with severe autism which added complexity to the admissions process. Their knowledge of all things college, their intelligence, and their unlimited support will never be forgotten. Our family now considers Nancy and Beth to be part of our family.”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Manhattanville College student, Class of 2017

The college process is extremely rough, but Acceptance Ahead completely saved me from all the unnecessary stress. Beth and Nancy were there for me whenever I needed them. Whether it was for help on an essay, advice on the college process, or just to vent about stress or anxiety, they are there 24/7 and truly care about each individual student. They take the time to get to know each student personally, so they are able to help them navigate through the process in the best way possible. Without Acceptance Ahead, I would be lost and I am so grateful to have worked with them!”

—Student, NYC, NY, Binghamton University, Class of 2017

I am beyond impressed with the services that Acceptance Ahead has been providing for my daughter during a chaotic fall. Nancy and Beth helped her find the right essay topic and they inspired her to write an essay that she is truly proud about. Their partnership with my child has been effortless and inspiring to say the least, and I am so relieved and happy that my daughter has the right coaches!”

—Parent, NYC, NY, University of Michigan student, Class of 2017