My daughter could not have gotten accepted to her first-choice college without the guidance of Nancy and Beth. Our experience with Acceptance Ahead could not have been more positive. Instead of having my daughter conform to a formula, they encouraged the pursuit and development of her individual passions. This approach resulted in authenticity that is an essential ingredient. Their knowledge and guidance on which schools and programs would be a good fits were spot on. After being so impressed, my younger daughter recently started working with Beth and Nancy. We wouldn’t think of any other option. Simply put, they are the best.”

—Parent, Greenwich, CT, Cornell University Student, Class of 2027

Acceptance Ahead is the best! Although I was a recruited athlete, I was nervous about all of my applications. Nancy and Beth helped bring out the best in me by interviewing me, helping me plan my essay ideas, and editing when I needed it. I genuinely liked working with Beth and Nancy, and they improved my self-confidence.”

—Student, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, Connecticut College, Class of 2027

Nancy and Beth are exceptionally passionate and dedicated to their work. They connected with each of my three daughters on a personal level. Catering to their individual academic goals and interests, they expertly navigated us through the college admission process from start to finish. We were most impressed by their ability to realistically manage expectations while simultaneously remaining positive and encouraging. They kept the girls on track, ensuring that every deadline was met with time to spare. All of us could not have been happier with the experience and the results.”

—Parent, Bergen County, NJ, Indiana University student, Class of 2021 Vanderbilt University, student, Class of 2023 and Vanderbilt University student, Class of 2027

We hired Acceptance Ahead to work with our two very different children through their college application processes and were 100% pleased with the experience both times. Working with Acceptance Ahead is an investment that is well worth it.

Both Nancy and Beth take the time to really get to know each kid and help them shape their own unique story and prepare compelling, sincere, well-written essays. Not only that, they make the process much less stressful by providing guidance with deadlines, college choices, and genuine moral support.

Although we live in California where there are many choices for advising, we felt Acceptance Ahead was the best for our family given their deep expertise and human approach.”

—Parent, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, Boston University student, Class of 2025 and Connecticut College student, Class of 2027

We are forever grateful to Nancy and Beth. I cannot imagine having gone through this process without them. They are true experts in their field while remaining upbeat and compassionate. Applying to college is an enormous task, but they kept my daughter on track. She was in good hands from the moment we had our first meeting. They guided her every step of the way including her resume, extracurricular activities, tutors, summer jobs, essays, how to demonstrate interest to colleges, and filling out the Common Application. They were very helpful in deciding which colleges to visit and checked in with us after each college tour. As a parent, I always felt supported by Nancy and Beth. They are true gems. My daughter was accepted to her 1st choice, and we couldn’t be happier.”

—Parent, Bronx, NY, Bucknell University student, Class of 2027

When I thought about college applications, I was extremely overwhelmed and unaware of how to tackle such a challenge. Nancy and Beth helped me in so many ways and were always encouraging. They steered me on the right path with how to write my supplemental essays, how to manage my time most efficiently, how to craft my resume, and so much more. They were always an email or call away and ready to give the best advice. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten into my top school. Nancy and Beth are a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly and greatly appreciate both of them.”

—Student, Bronx, New York, Bucknell University, Class of 2027

Nancy and Beth offer a rare and valuable combination of deep knowledge, great writing skills, compassion, and insight into each student. They steered our college search, enforced deadlines for my son, and patiently answered all our anxious questions. They are lightning-fast with their responses. As a parent navigating the college process for the first time, I felt supported emotionally and practically. I am grateful both for my son’s excellent outcome and for the organized and streamlined process.”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Tufts University student, Class of 2027

Whether it was answering questions about the admissions process or brainstorming and editing college essays, Nancy and Beth were an invaluable resource to me throughout the college process.”

—Student, Westchester County, NY, Tufts University, Class of 2027

I attribute much of my success with the college application process to Acceptance Ahead. They provided me with a plethora of resources and guidance, and Nancy and Beth are both wonderful. They made an effort to know not only my academic profile, but also who I was as a person. To them, I was more than just a student. With their tremendous help, I was able to create a portfolio of strengths that I used to apply to colleges, much of which I used in my application essays. With Acceptance Ahead, you are guaranteed a smoother, clearer college application process, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their help.”

—Student, Greenwich, CT, Cornell University, Class of 2027

Nancy and Beth are simply the best. They have now helped two of our boys get into college, and they always made us feel as if our students were their only clients. They never missed a beat in terms of encouragement, support and follow-up, and I am sure they are equally as dedicated to all of their students.

Nancy and Beth’s care, energy, and attention to detail are endless, and they have an uncanny ability to quickly grasp matters and provide suggestions and ideas which are insightful, creative, and over the top. I can’t sing their praises enough and highly recommend Acceptance Ahead to anyone facing the daunting task of applying to college.

Thank you, Nancy and Beth!”

—Grandparent, Bergen County, NJ, Harvard University, Class of 2022 and Lehigh University, Class of 2025

From my first meeting with Beth and Nancy, I noticed their special collaborative relationship. As a team, they are incredibly supportive, approachable, informed, and articulate. I was amazed at how quickly we formed a connection, and this allowed us to move efficiently through the application process since I arrived to Acceptance Ahead later in the game. Beth and Nancy are phenomenal editors; I noticed a clear difference between my first essays and the ones I ultimately sent to my Early Decision school. They helped me feel confident every step of the way. I am extremely grateful to have worked with Beth and Nancy and for their tremendous help and for the wonderful relationship we formed.”

—Student, Westchester County, NY, Barnard College, Class of 2025

As an international student, the American system was completely new to me. Not only were Beth and Nancy extremely patient with me, but they also made a stressful process fun. They spent hours explaining anything I wasn’t sure about, and helped me find ways to express what I was passionate about. They constantly kept me motivated and always made me believe my goals were achievable. Working with Nancy and Beth was a true privilege. Not only are they extremely determined in what they do, but they truly care as well. I remember how happy they were when I was accepted in my first choice! They really made me feel special.”

—Student, Belgium/Plymouth, England, University of Miami, Class of 2025

We arrived to Beth and Nancy late in the game and thank goodness we did! After working with someone else, making the change to Acceptance Ahead was the best thing that happened. They didn’t skip a beat! We were amazed at how quickly Beth and Nancy both got to know our daughter so well. Their strategic insight and recommendations for our daughter were invaluable. They are exceptionally talented editors. My daughter ended up with essays that were so phenomenal that we are convinced they were a significant reason for her acceptance to her top choice school. This was an incredibly difficult year to navigate the college process. Beth and Nancy spent countless hours meeting and speaking with admissions counselors and attending webinars to stay informed and provide the best guidance possible for their students. They are highly responsive, extremely good at what they do, and most importantly, they exhibit the kind of caring, compassion and thoughtfulness that every parent hopes for their child through this very important time in their lives. There are no words to communicate our appreciation and admiration. We highly, highly, highly recommend them.”

—Parent, Westchester County, NY, Barnard Student, Class of 2025

We could not have been more thrilled with the expert advice that Acceptance Ahead gave our sons during their college admission process. We asked Beth and Nancy to work with each of our boys at the end of their sophomore year. Acceptance Ahead assisted with high school course selection, advised them regarding SAT / ACT testing, helped compile a realistic list of universities, guided them through the Common Application process, edited personal statements and supplemental essays, and prepared them for interviews. Beth and Nancy’s encouragement, warmth, and humor kept both of our sons feeling confident and motivated throughout a somewhat grueling process. My older son even reached out to Beth and Nancy when he was applying to law school, and they were happy to reconnect and point him in the right direction. It is without reservation that we recommend Acceptance Ahead to any family looking for start to finish guidance through the college admission process.”

—Parent, Pittsburgh, PA, Student of University of Pennsylvania Class of 2021 and Student of Boston University, Class of 2025

Having our daughter work with Beth and Nancy was the best decision we made during her college application process. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for guiding her through the entire process and coaching her so she could get into a college where she can thrive and grow. We have seen our daughter work extremely hard with your constant support and growing to be an independent young person. She is so excited to join Cornell and we are as well! Again, we have deep gratitude for your help and cannot wait to keep you posted as she embarks on her college journey.”

—Parents, Ashburn, Virginia, Cornell University Student, Class of 2025

Beth and Nancy were great to work with and were very approachable. They were honest with their answers to my questions and always responded within hours. They kept me on schedule and were always respectful of what I wanted during my entire college process. I felt great about myself, and they were definitely amazing to work with!”

—Student, Pittsburgh, PA, Boston University Class of 2025

Working with Nancy and Beth was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. They offered strategies that helped our daughter stand out, and highlighted an off the beaten path major in her essays. But perhaps the best thing about working with Beth and Nancy was that they understood that a student’s goals and expectations inevitably change during the high school years. They remained committed to helping our daughter figure out what she wanted to study and where. It was a time of huge emotional growth for her. Both Nancy and Beth were there to provide support, answer questions, and foster that development. In a year marked by public cheating scandals and historically low admissions, our daughter was accepted to several elite universities, including one that turned out to be her dream school. She has never been happier. And Beth and Nancy were there ethically and responsibly, every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy and Beth and the services of Acceptance Ahead.”

—Parent, Westchester NY, Georgetown University student, Class of 2023

We believe that the best decision during this challenging college application process was consulting with Beth and Nancy of Acceptance Ahead. They are both extremely knowledgeable, remarkably talented, and extraordinarily skilled in helping with all phases of the process from the initial search to the ultimate application deadlines and submissions. They have deep insight into the many psychological components that teens and parents face throughout this time. They are masters at conquering the notorious essay writing block: they listen intensely to your teen and brilliantly tease out poignant details that may otherwise be overlooked. They also ensure that the focus remains on target. Beth and Nancy fostered within our teen an even stronger commitment to produce the best written essays possible. Happily, our teen timely completed all of the applications well before the deadlines and submitted beautiful, creative, and heartfelt essays. We were ecstatic to receive the wonderful news of acceptance on Early Decision day! Acceptance Ahead lives true to its name! Thank you Beth and Nancy!”

—Parent, Westchester, N.Y. University of Pennsylvania student. Class of 2021.

I was referred to Beth and Nancy for the youngest of my 3 kids but I wish that I had worked with them sooner! They made an extremely stressful process flawless and actually very exciting. It was instant chemistry for my son when he met them. Beth and Nancy were smart, non-intimidating and had an amazing knack for getting my son to dig deep within himself. They got to know him very quickly and I was so impressed with how they helped brainstorm ways to make him come alive through his applications. Their high energy and positivity was remarkable and they were a wonderful duo, both providing their strengths in different areas while always bouncing things off each other for the best outcome. They did an amazing job of editing his work in an extremely organized and timely manner. They kept my son on track and he was even done with weeks to spare. We felt comfortable emailing them at any time of day or night, and they got back to us within minutes! We enjoyed working with Beth and Nancy. My son was accepted to the colleges he applied to and we both owe a huge thank you to Beth and Nancy for their guidance and support.”

—Parent, Westchester, N.Y. University of Wisconsin student. Class of 2021.

Beth and Nancy are very professional. What sets them apart is the genuine interest and enthusiasm they shower on their advisees. They are part college counselors, psychologists, strategists, editors, marketers, and family advisors. We are lucky that we
worked with them since our family lives in Greece, and they were systematically and thoughtfully involved every step of the way. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they helped our daughter get into her dream school. Thank you Beth and Nancy!”

—Parents, Athens, Greece, Yale University student, Class of 2020

Beth and Nancy provided a sea of calm during a very turbulent year and made our family;s journey through the maze of college visits and applications proceed as smoothly as possible. We met Beth and Nancy during our son’s sophomore year, and they were kind, open and constantly reassuring, particularly during stressful moments of junior and senior years! The services Beth and Nancy provide are all encompassing; they helped our son identify potential schools, provided a consistent framework to evaluate each college, located an SAT tutor and recommended an appropriate amount of time to prep and take the test. Most importantly, they worked diligently with our son on his essays. Beth and Nancy helped our son identify essay topics and kept him on a tight schedule. Through all of their editing, they allowed his voice to shine through. Our son had his first acceptance by early November and a wide-variety of choices, each a very good fit, to choose from. Thanks to their constant support, we felt calm and in control throughout the entire crazy process. Because of them, we were able to avoid the conflict that often disrupts many families during the senior year of high school, and we were able to enjoy our time together. We will be starting all over with Beth and Nancy for our younger son. Thank you!”

—Parents, Westchester, NY, University of Wisconsin student, Class of 2020